Looking for a few good men (or women)

A while ago I posted on Facebook, with the hopes of finding riding partners, about the Dust to Dawson event in Dawson City, Yukon Territory, Canada. It’s a event where hundreds of riders from all over the country converge on Dawson City. Dawson City was once the State Capital of the Yukon Terrirory and heart of the Klondike Gold Rush which began in 1896 and turned it into a thriving city of 40,000 in 1898.  By 1899 the Gold Rush had all but ended and the population plummited to under 8000.  Today the population stands at under 1.300 hearty souls but it still boasts an annual pilgamage of over 60,00 visitors each year. There is quite a story of how the Dust to Dawson ride came about which can be found here.

After a period of zero takers, up steps a fellow rider I met when Dave Sullivan and I went to Alaska last year. Ramone lives in Canada, not far from Vancouver. We met him while we stopped at the “Welcome to Alaska” sign at the border

So Ramone hooked up with us and became part of our Great Alaska Adventure.  Say hi to Ramone

Ramone is a good guy and a good riding partner and even though he rides a BMW and is a Canuck, we won’t hold that against him. When I was  having trouble finding some sprockets for my bike in Canada last year, he helped out by locating a dealer and making sure the parts would be there when I arrived. I thought he was doing this all from home, but came to find out he was still on the road when he accomplished this.

Today, I got a text from Ramone that both the warden at work (he is a prison guard) and the warden at home (he is married) gave him the go ahead to embark on this Adventure. So the planning has begun. First, order new tires, extra chain, sprockets and brake pads to bring along ‘just in case’. As with the last trip up north, we will camp as much as possible, eat in camp as much as possible and possibly drink a beer or two each evening.

Well, there have been a change of plans, to the good!  My leave date has moved up a bit and my return date has been extended. Before Dawson, I will attend a rally in Oregon at Hells Canyon, after Dawson, I plan to visit Jasper and Banff National parks in Alberta Canada, then I will head to Montana to Joe and Barbara Comfort, (My buddy Daves’s parents) where Dave will be visiting his parents. After a few days there, my plan is to visit Yellowstone, then Badlands NP head down to Colorado and attend Westfest in Lake George Colorado and the next weekend the Rocky Mountain Adventure Rally in Silverton Colorado. New Mexico sounds like a good idead, the last time I was there, I visited Walllis, but he since has moved to the LA area so no visit to Wallis so I guess I’ll head to Moab in Utah, Canyonlands NP, travel in southern Utah, hopfully visit some friends in Holbrook AZ then to Vegas to end my trip with a visit to my buddy Dave. But, the best laid plans…….things change and I hope to see at lease most of the places on my agenda My buddy Dave in Vegas has a lot of tools, a motorcycle lift and a VStrom service manual to do some much needed service after approx 8000 miles, 14 states in 2 countries 4 ADVrider rallies and about 6 weeks of riding. I am open for suggestions, detours or riding partners of anything catches your interest.

So, it looks like I’ll be leaving around June 10th heading to Crater Lake then backroads up to Hells Canyon to begin the new Adventure in my life .

Sooooooooo, if you want to follow along just subscribe to this blog, like you did to the Group of Fools Mexico Adventure

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One thought on “Looking for a few good men (or women)

  1. advfool

    Well I’m in for watching this trip develop. And so let’s begin!!!!!! 🙂

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